CR dates back to 2008, when Ori started sim racing online. Throughout its history, it has had various names, just like the RN community. Also like the RN community, it has seen racing in various categories.

Among its peaks so far are the 2nd and 6th SCART season, the 1st Gokart Series season and the 2nd GT season.

Those seasons stand out because there the team had great harmony and experienced inspiring team work.

CR's history, due to the preference of its members, has been closely connected to American open wheel racing. However, now it is involved with various disciplines.

The members have experience in various simulators, racing categories, communities and management functions. Dragan, Marcus and Ori, for example, are racers and admins.

Just like RN, CR provides the best it can for its members. Also just like RN, membership is free and the attitude that of gratitude.


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